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Obrázek převzat se svolením Gillese Nuytense z webu TSW (The Scifi World).

1.04 – Thirty Eight Minutes

ZELENKA: (to technician) "Můžeš mi dát ty nejnovější data, prosím?"
WEIR: "Dr. Zelenka."
ZELENKA: "Apologies for not attending your briefing, dr. Weir, there was no time..."
WEIR: "I don't want to slow you down but I need to know what you're working on so I can communicate it to the team on Jumper one."
ZELENKA: "We are attempting to retract the um, the er… the gt… the drive pod back into the fuselage from inside the rear compartment."
WEIR: "Anything yet?"
ZELENKA: "Well, there is much redundancy in Ancient technology, making it dangerous for them to experiment with it in this way."
WEIR: "So, they might accidentally open the rear hatch or shut life support off entirely."
ZELENKA: "Yes, yes, yes, yes… which is why we are attempting to isolate the correct control pathway."
WEIR: "Understood... What could I do to help?"
ZELENKA: "Stop talking, please." (to technician). "Ne. Tak aspoň, aspoň tři mi dej!"

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1.16 – The Brotherhood

ZELENKA: "What did you touch?"
[AARON?]: "Nothing. I didn’t touch anything."
ZELENKA: "Ježiši, já s těma hercema nemůžu dělat!"

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1.17 - Letters from Pegasus

ZELENKA: (into the video camera) "Na dně moře máme 'failsafe' mechanismus. Obrovskou silou vytrhl kotvu města ze dna oceánu. My jsme... zhrozili jsme se...! Zhrozili jsme se. Neuvěřitelný! Co se to děje? A ten hluk! Celé město se třáslo jako při zemětřesení. To bylo něco neuvěřitelnýho. A najednou... se hneme. Celé město stoupalo... stoupalo nahoru. Nahoru k hladině. To... to bylo něco neuvěřitelnýho. A... a... a věže prorazily hladinu a vyjeli jsme nahoru. Nahoru! Vody, vlny, vodopády! Všechno teče z těch vejšek. A vystřelili jsme nahoru, úplně, úplně na vršek... a najednou... slunce. Sluníčko... prostě proudilo do všech oken. Do smrti... do smrti na to nezapomenu."
FORD: "You didn't say anything that would require security clearance, did you?"
ZELENKA: "Security clearance?"

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ZELENKA: (into the video camera) "Drž se, miláčku."

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2.04 - Duet

SHEPPARD: "Good. Let me know the second you have something."
(he walks away as Radek starts shouting instructions to the other scientists)
ZELENKA: "No jo, tak jo děcka, do toho jdeme jdeme jdeme, musíme tohle dodělat, pojďte už honem."

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2.10 - The Lost Boys

ZELENKA: (cursing) "To je v háji, todle to."
LORNE: "That good, huh?"
ZELENKA: "These things are not designed to store gate addresses."

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2.13 - Critical Mass

SHEPPARD: "Goin’ offworld?"
ZELENKA: (in a sulky voice) "M7G-677."
SHEPPARD: "That’s the planet with all the kids, right?"
ZELENKA: (bitterly) "They’re having trouble with their EM field generator and McKay has decided that I am the most capable person in all of Atlantis to fix it."
SHEPPARD: "Hey, don’t worry. They’re a great group of kids. You’re gonna love ‘em."
ZELENKA: "My sister has a child. He breaks things. He throws things. He smears things onto furniture..."
McKAY: "Colonel Sheppard! I need you up in the Control Room." (to Zelenka) "Oh, you still here?"
ZELENKA: "We’re just leaving."
McKAY: "Hmm. Well, uh, do say 'hi' to the kids for me."
ZELENKA: (muttering to himself) "Ty vole, 'Say hi to the kids for me', já ti dám. Ty seš takovej vůl!"

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2.14 - Grace Under Pressure

ZELENKA: "Do prdele, to je na hovno tohle to. Kdo to vymyslel, že budeme pod vodou tentokrát?"
SHEPPARD: "I think my Czech’s getting better, ’cause I know what you mean."

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2.20 - Allies

ZELENKA: "Eh, co to je? Co to je? Co se to děje? Is your terminal... Co to je, sakra?"

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3.01 - No Man's Land

CALDWELL: "Major Lorne, now would be a good time to open fire."
LORNE: "Yes, sir, I was just thinkin’ the same thing. I gave the order but nothing happened. Zelenka!"
ZELENKA: "I’m trying. Do prdele!"

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3.03 - Irresistible

DEX: "You didn’t!"
LUCIUS: "Oh, oh, yes, oh my giant friend, I did, and let me tell you this: I had no trouble finding female companionship that night, if you know what I mean!"
ZELENKA: "To je frajer! Teda, to je..."
LUCIUS: "Repeatedly!"

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McKAY: "It worked!"
WEIR: "He’s flying it."
ZELENKA: "On letí, on tak krásně letí!"
McKAY: "Fly, Lucius. Fly."

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3.08 - McKay and Mrs Miller

Nejen Zelenka mluví ve Stargate Atlantis česky. :-)))

ROD [ALT-McKAY]: "Trust me, you’ve got it great here. Now, I’ve made some calculations. When the readings reach the levels I’ve indicated, you’ll know whether or not I made it home."
McKAY: "Oh, I guess you just need to click your heels together, huh?"
ROD [ALT-McKAY]: "Good luck, Rodney."
McKay: "You too."
ROD [ALT-McKAY]: "Radek, měj se.

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3.12 - Echoes

ZELENKA: "The navigation system is off."
ZELENKA: "I don't know. It could be any of a number of reasons, you know – clock drift, the fluctuations in the magnetosphere from the sunspots..."
SHEPPARD: "There it is."
ZELENKA: "Zaplať pánbu!"

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3.14 - Tao of Rodney

ZELENKA: "Tak takhle to nejde teda, todle je na prd!"

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McKAY: "You're jealous."
ZELENKA: "That is ridiculous! You should be working with me trying to figure out what is happening to you. Instead, you're here burying your head in the sand."
McKAY: "That is not true. My head – which happens to be housing my ever-evolving brain – is actually being better utilised here doing important things that will affect everybody."
ZELENKA: "Já... já s ním nebudu dělat! Já už se na to můžu vysrat! To je úplně... stojí za..."
McKAY: "He tries to hide it, but deep down, I'm the wind beneath his wings."

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ZELENKA: "That's it. Já ho zabiju! To je magor, naprostej idiot!!"

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